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Website developement, web & mobile apps

Hi, I'm João Santos, a full stack web developer based in Lisbon. I build websites using both front and back end technologies with modern and clean designs.

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Built with for the people

A very compact radio player for listen to internet radio stations featuring Jazz music.

A quick way to search news using the Google News Search Engine.

A drum machine that allows you to create and save rhythm patterns.

A collection of ear traing exercises to help you with the development of your aural skills.

Gathers in a very concise way valuable information about musical scales and modes.

Provides detailed information about the chemical elements.

Shows rates table with all currencies with updated information.

Provides a reference for the CSS color names, based on the SVG 1.0 color keyword names.

Read in a random way, poems by Fernando Pessoa (poems are written in Portuguese).

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