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A drum machine that allows you to create and save rhythm patterns. You can create, save and edit your own rhythm patterns (and also the settings you define) and choose from various drum kits.

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Auralis comprises a collection of ear traing exercises based on the recognition of intervals, chords and scales in order to help you with the development of your aural skills.

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Scales & Modes

Scales and Modes Quick Reference gathers in a very concise way valuable information about musical scales and modes. You can see the notes and the formula of the scale along with the intervals sequence that make it up.

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Guitar Tuner

Uses your computer's microphone to detect the note being played. Tune by ear has 12 different tunings available.

The Chrome Extension only features tune by ear Guitar Tuner screenshot


JazzBit is an online radio station featuring Jazz, Blues, Bossa Nova and everything in between.

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Periodic Table of Elements

Provides detailed information about the chemical elements, including, atomic number, atomic mass, atomic volume, density, hardness, electronegativity, etc.

Periodic Table of Elements screenshot

Jazz Radio

A very compact radio player for listen to internet radio stations featuring Jazz music. You can choose from a list of radio stations featuring Jazz music and listen to them.

Jazz Radio screenshot

A Poesia de Fernando Pessoa

Read in a random way, poems by Fernando Pessoa (including his heteronyms - Alvaro de Campos, Ricardo Reis and Alberto Caeiro). More than 2000 poems are available. Note that the poems are written in the original language - Portuguese.

A Poesia de Fernando Pessoa screenshot

metrobit - Easy to use metronome

A very compact and easy to use metronome. Features: tempo control (min 20 max 260) with direct input and "mouse hold"; 5 sound presets, volume control and tap tempo.

metrobit screenshot

CSS Color Names

Provides a reference for the CSS color names, based on the SVG 1.0 color keyword names. You can copy the names to the clipboard by clicking a colour tile.

CSS Color Names